How We Started


At Approved Energy, our mission is to be the industry leader in competitive, trusted, and reliable service offerings.


Founded Company

In 1932, the energy landscape of America was changing, becoming cleaner and more efficient. As New York City was growing into the most important city in the world, Approved Oil was founded to help lead the energy transition from coal to cleaner-burning fuel oil.


LLC Formation

Approved Energy LLC represents a significant player in the energy sector, with a focus on providing innovative solutions and services. Established in 2015, the formation of the LLC was a strategic move to enhance business flexibility, ensure limited liability protection, and pave the way for future growth.



In 2016, Approved Energy LLC expanded its services to the New York market, a significant step in the company's growth strategy. Recognizing the energy demands of one of the nation's most populous states, they launched tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of New York's residential and commercial customers. This expansion into New York marked a key milestone for Approved Energy, reflecting their commitment to broadening their reach and enhancing their service offerings to a diverse customer base.



In 2017, following their success in New York, Approved Energy continued to broaden its reach by entering the New Jersey market. Leveraging their expertise in energy solutions, they began to serve New Jersey customers, offering innovative and customized energy products tailored to the local needs. This strategic move into New Jersey further solidified Approved Energy's presence in the Northeast, underscoring their commitment to delivering quality energy services to an ever-expanding regional clientele.



Today, the Approved Companies continue to lead the way toward a cleaner, greener energy future. Approved Energy carries forward a rich legacy of leadership and innovation; from oil-to-gas conversions and efficient mechanical systems, to reliable power, natural gas and renewable energy products. The Approved Companies are closing in on 100 years of energy leadership, in NYC and beyond.  Expected entry into PA and OH coming soon this year.



MD, DE, and DC expected late 2023 or early 2024



About us

Approved Energy stands out not only for its industry-leading solutions but also for its unparalleled leadership team. Our executives bring a rich tapestry of diverse experiences and backgrounds, ensuring a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives. This diversity in leadership is instrumental in driving our innovative edge and fostering an inclusive work culture.

Sandy Lomm

Head of Natural Gas Operations

William F. (Bill) Moul

Vice President of Indirect Sales

Niraj Parikh

Chief Operating Officer

Renee Pegeron

Director of Customer Operations

John Sutherland

Senior Vice President of Sales
how we work

Our Work Process


 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.


Project Planing

Approved Energy excels in project planning, utilizing their extensive industry experience and innovative strategies to ensure efficient, effective, and sustainable energy solutions are delivered on time and within budget.


Research & Analysis

Approved Energy is committed to thorough research and analysis, harnessing the latest data and insights to develop cutting-edge, sustainable energy solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Make it Happen

In embodying their "Make it Happen" ethos, Approved Energy turns complex energy issues into opportunities, providing innovative, sustainable solutions with a firm commitment to industry leadership.